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Asset and music mods for the Droid factory retro remake to change enemies, player and sounds to reflect system shock 1.

Playing the original SSHOCK 1 (1994) -
 Portable version with mouse look and graphics update is highlight recommended. https://mega.nz/#!0hE3yZ4K!GoP-LoTUGJObrqErVer9nplr-MS7VGw2q_U8z1u0GxQ


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sshock.rar 3.8 MB


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Nice this is awesome you could've removed the voice acting but i guess that's what makes system shock! ShOdAn

Thanks for commenting, I wanted a slight reference there. I wanted to do hence work on Berzerk Requiem then Hackrazer as a set


yeah I understand it would be cool to see if somebody could put it on Atari like remake the demake for the atari


Damn. Good 'ol Castle Wolfenstein gameplay!

Glad you like, really wanted an intense 8bit demake for system shock