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SUPERCARS 3 - Maximum tune

Done - New rotating music for race, tweaks to all screens and intro music
To be done - New levels, cars 5 + 6 (Ford rs cosworth + suzuki swift)
A Supercars (Magnetic Fields) remake with many features by JOTD


  • high-resolution graphics (enhancements to original graphics, rendered graphics, 256 color
    screens ripped from Supercars International)
  • enhanced sound
  • 2 player mode
  • joypad and keyboard control
  • rendered & multicolored cars
  • all 21 Supercars 2 circuits
  • all 10 Supercars circuits (with high cpu cars aggressivity for more fun!)
  • custom circuits
  • car selection
  • full range of animated weapons
  • powerful circuit editor
  • shades/shadows
  • moving gates
  • trains
  • fully localized
  • shop & repairs
  • 256 color localizable communication screens
  • Tries to keep up with the Supercars II "spirit"
  • optional in-game music
  • optional remixed title music
  • works on Windows XP, Windows 7, MacOSX
  • has a dedicated Pandora port (by Seb: http://repo.openpandora.org/?page=detail&app=supercars3_ptitseb)

!!!!! Please read below before writing me about a bug. It is very likely to be on either of
the lists below !!!!!

High-priority To Do:

  • sc1 course test
  • hard course test
  • better computer car guidance when collided

Medium/Low-priority To Do:

  • if music is set to "in menus", escaping does not reset the title music
  • differentiate skid according to sceneries (rock, grass, snow)
  • oh and... maybe even a lil weapons counter so you know how many ... whatever you have left
    (like on supercars international)
  • ah, yeah- maybe have the background music a lil louder as default... and allow users to set the
    levels in the options :>
  • finish supercars 1 locale
  • credit the original SC2 people: Communication Section Characters by Jeremy Smith, Additional Work Peter Liggett, joystick code, additional music
  • fix hiscore remixes
  • add more new circuits in the "remix" circuit set
  • zone test should be better when car is reappearing (if zone too small then can explode at once)
  • car behaviour: slope acceleration/deceleration is not right (should add/sub, not multiply)
  • gfx: full-screen snapshot (F2) has problems
  • editor: add desynchronized gate system (for hard level 2), rewrite region editor using visual editor to do so
  • management: Support repair with random damage
  • AI: fix the problem when the computer car goes backwards and is stuck against a wall
  • second player joystick control

Minor To Do:

  • gfx: change font in shop
  • auto car selection
  • check if sound threads are really killed when exiting the game
  • gfx: explosion in a tunnel: not properly clipped
  • sound: sometimes races start at once (no horn)
  • text: finish french localization of communication screens: insurance, reporter, sponsor, arms dealer
  • editor: when creating a route, renumber points to put last point as the last point of finish zone
  • gfx: car start under a tunnel problem: completely hidden (race 7 of hard level)
  • keys not responding properly in menus
  • AI: variable aim for computer cars (not for homers)
  • AI: "smart" option for enemy cars (for weapon firing depending on the weapon, train jumping, overtaking)
  • sounds not played on some slow machines
  • no supercars 1 in-game music tracks!: not in mod format but "Ben Daglish" format: no replayer => won't be done!

not confirmed bugs To Do:

  • find out why braking is still framerate/update freq. dependent
  • CPU spin to fix (if angle too sharp then brake)
  • management: add the money BEFORE money-stealing comm screens deduct the money (so it's harder, and faithful)
  • sometimes car engine does not stop on game exit

How to start:

  • Windows: Just run the Supercars3.bat command file located in the "bin" sub-directory
  • Linux/Unix: run the Supercars3.sh command file located in the "bin" sub-directory


  • Java Runtime 1.5 or higher (Else you get "cannot find main class, program will exit" message at startup)
    (I recommend 1.5 instead of 1.6 when playing in full-screen mode)
  • Windows or Linux (use .bat files on Windows, .sh files on Linux)


To play, press SPACE to activate options screen.
Use arrows to select, TAB to switch option pages, RETURN to start the game.

  • Arrows+Space or joypad control player 1, numeric pad+0 control player 2
  • ESC: quits the game and return to titles.
  • P: pauses the game.
  • F1: screen snapshot
  • F2: full circuit snapshot (mainly for debug purposes, but still...)
  • F10: quit the application anytime.
  • right arrow: skips to next demo screen (during rolling demo)
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorJohn Retroreloader @ Return learn games
Tags2D, Amiga, supercars, supercars-3, supercars3, Top-Down


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