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Uploaded and modded with permission from Eiksoft, please share their work and support.

Return learn games - Indie game - Super mario bros dash - One button challenge - Exergaming potential

Mario Dash version 1.5 released! New stuff:
Rain mode added to the options menu. Add rain to any level!!!
31 new music files
4 new custom graphics sets (Pac-Man, Kirby's Adventure, Mario Pop Art, and DJ)
Custom graphics added directly to menu, no more combobox
Random Level function added under the file menu
Lightning added to the title screen
Particles added when rain lands 


Over 220 Levels Included
New Graphic Modes

Zelda by Dman91
Luigi's Turn!! by Dman91
Metroid by Eikon
Castlevania by Eikon
Ice Climber Link K.
Kill 'Em All by Link K.
Bowser Strikes Back by Link K.

Mario Dash - One Button Contest Entry

Version 1.4 released

Version 1.3 released

Version 1.2 released

Version 1.1 released

Mario Dash is a reworking of the original NES SMB gameplay.
It basically places you on rails and moves you through the
level. Its your job to time jumps and dodge enemies with the
use of your mighty spacebar.

Controls: Press Space to Jump, Hold Space to run

Mario Dash also includes a level editor, its what I used to
make the games existing 4 worlds. I encourage you to try it
out, it only takes minutes to make a good sized map. Once
you finish you can select a background color and a music
file to attach to your map.

If you do make a map, please take a second to upload it from
the editor's Online menu. The Level Database webpage is ready,
I just need some maps to add to my list. Please send in your
maps so we can extend the fun!

- Editor to create your own maps
- Huge max map size of 5000 tiles wide
- Save layers, background color, and music with your map
- Drop enemies into your map
- Upload your map to the Mario Dash Level database
with the click of a button
- Bustable bricks, question boxes, and coin pickups
- Goomba, Spiney, Koopa, and Beatle enemies.
- Uploadable High Score support soon
- Includes 4 worlds that take you through remakes of the old
NES levels. You win the game after clearing bowser's castle.
- Fullscreen and Stretchable Window Modes
- Dockable Tile window in Editor

Revision History

- Game
Valentine's Day Update
Online menu and browser modified
Start up screen size set to double
Falling on an enemy not resulting in a jump is fixed
"Shakey" Mario collision bug fixed
File Open now defaults to lvl directory
- Editor
Browser Modified
Loaded map starting at X position 1 instead of 0 fixed
File Open/Save now defaults to lvl directory
A/D to scroll controls added

* Game
Ice Climber graphics mode moved to custom section
Metroid graphics set finished
Metroid graphics replace Ice Climber in the menu
New Map Metroid.mdm with new music, Metroid.it

* Editor
Window style changed to remove maximize + status bar
Metroid graphics replace Ice Climber in the menu

Mario Dash updated to version 1.2
Brand new Castlevania graphics mode that replaces most
sprites with ones from the classic NES game.

New levels:
- Castlevania1.mdm
- Castlevania2.mdm

New music files: vania1.xm, vania2.mod
Editor now has an option to switch tilesets so you
can design your map in the graphics mode you want it.
Both the game and editor now have support to use your
own custom graphics, these should be placed in the
"custom/" directory.

New custom graphics modes, both by Link K.
- Kill 'Em All
- Bowser Strikes Back

Lots of small bug fixes

Mario Dash updated to version 1.1
New graphics mode added that allows you to switch between
Super Mario and Ice Climber images at any time during execution.
The ice climber graphics pack replaces every single original
image for a totally new play experience.
EXEs packed with MEW SE 1.1
Map Database has grown so much that I can no longer list them
one by one. Please visit the level database for all the
new releases.

Task Icon added to Dash and Editor
Editor icon changed
Added 7 new user made maps to the zip:

- "Apelsina" by Unknown
- "Banan Kongariket" by Unknown
- "Ingo" by Unknown
- "Lief" by Unknown
- "Lief 2" by Unknown
- "Norge" by Unknown
- "The Fall" by Unknown

Level uploader repaired. Now uses a dedicated FTP account so
that levels can be submitted 24/7. Be warned that old editor
versions will no longer upload correctly, please update ASAP.

Enjoy over 20 new user submitted maps:

- "Strange Lands" by Eikon
- "Jungle" by Eikon with new music
- "Choice of Death" by Tikiman
- "Castle Deception" by Tikiman
- "Death Road" by Joey Jenkins
- "Level 7" by Unknown
- "False Exits" by Josh Nickerson
- "Goomba Forest" by Josh Nickerson
- "Saturday Walk" by HammerGuy
- "The Destroyed Land of Bowser" by Joey Jenkins
- "Atomic Runner" by GJW
- "Fuzz Hell" by Antony Brown
- "The Beginning of the End" by Antony Brown
- "Pointless 1/2" by Unknown
- "Forest Run" by KillerMillerEX
- "Pipe Mania" by KillerMillerEX
- "Shipyard" by KillerMillerEX
- "The Journey" by KillerMillerEX

Small Update (too small for a version change)
- Fixed the falling crash (thx tiki)
- Corrected enemy collision, they no longer "float around"
- Koopas, Beatles, and Spineys now face to the right once
they hit a wall (thx diz)
- Bricks now removed from collision layer when busted
- Added a Game Over screen
- Mario no longer gets shot downward after hitting his head

Version 1.0:
Initial Contest release

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorJohn Retroreloader @ Return learn games
Tags8-Bit, dash, famicom, mario, mario-bros, nintendo, racer, Singleplayer, smb


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What OS are you using, just tested fine on mine with win7pro

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Which version and any security/antivirus running?

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There is no installation involved, you download a RAR file and select mdash.exe to run or medit.exe to create your own levels.

https://retroreloader.itch.io/super-mario-bros-dash/download/eyJleHBpcmVzIjoxNTM... - You're not selecting the itch.downloader by mistake perhapes?

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I can't   download I even have windows ten

I just tried - fine my end with win7 and chrome/firefox. What Browser you using and are other games downloading ok?

same man