A downloadable game for Windows

This Scramble remake is a freeware game. The original game (same

name) was made by Konami in 1981. The remake looks like a pixel 
perfect clone but has some improved graphics and extra Stages! 

                                    Harold Thijssen - March 2008
Find out more at http://publisher.games.brothersoft.com/harold-thijssen/

____ Requirements ______________________________________________

Software: Win.98/ME/XP/Vista with DirectX 7 or higher installed.
Hardware: Pentium III class PC, videocard and soundcard.

____ INSTRUCTIONS ______________________________________________

To play Scramble, unzip the Scramble.zip file and then execute 
the  Scramble.exe  executable  file.

____ Controls __________________________________________________

Keyboard: Key-up, Key-down, Key-left, Key-right, Ctrl, Alt, Esc.
Gamepad: Up, Down, Left, Right, Button 1, Button 2.

____ Stages ____________________________________________________

  1st = Mountains / rockets
  2nd = Cavern / saucers
  3rd = Mountains / fireballs
  4th = City / rockets
  5th = Tunnels / no moving enemies
  6th = City / Base (when destroyed ship CHANGES DIRECTION!)
  7th = Tunnels / no moving enemies (flying right to left)
  8th = City / rockets (flying right to left)
  9th = Mountains / fireballs (flying right to left)
 10th = Cavern / saucers (flying right to left)
 11th = Mountains / rockets (flying right to left)
 12th = Cavern / gun turrets (at the end ship CHANGES DIRECTION)

Art by https://crvnjava67.deviantart.com/ Repost with permission


Scramble.exe 3.3 MB

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