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Phantasy star 4 - 20 years past (Russian - English translation)

[Translators needed] - This version v1.2 is in Russian

20 years have gone by since the end of Phantasy Star 4. Dark Force has been completely destroyed and the constant turmoil that has plagued the Algol system is now gone (...or is it?). What has become of the world?

On the planet Motavia everything was as it should be. The ancient technologies that had caused so much havoc were once again hidden from the human eye and temptation. A new political order has settled in society. In addition to this new society, a new type of ore has been discovered and a new organization, The Defenders, emerge. (A rough translation of the original Russian description.)

Hahn has continued his work as a scientist, and has risen to being Director of the Academy. He has done a lot of growing up following the end of Phantasy Star End of the Millennium. No longer needing to hide behind Lyra/Alys' skirt, he has become a man in his own right. Expanding beyond biology as his sole scientific expertise, he played a large part in the construction of a hydro power station that is far more than it appears. He has not neglected his combat training either, becoming quite effective at destroying machines.

Incredible experiments are being performed somewhere in the world. Science has advanced far beyond what was conceived in the basement of Motavia's academy. Bio-monsters have begun to reemerge. If it isn't Dark Force making his regular return to destroy the Algol System, where would these monsters come from? More than that, a way to resurrect the dead has been discovered. How can these things even be related to one another? 

It is not only the familiar faces moving the world this time. A young woman named Emma is in training with The Defenders. Our prototypical good-for-nothing heroine is kept in line by her older sister Jain, a full blown Defender. Emma is such a hard worker that she doesn't see anything wrong with lazing around outside for a few days while their job waits for them. It will still be there a few days from now, won't it? 

Twenty Years Past explores the future of the world after PS4, bringing back some familiar faces to tell a new story in the changing Algol system.
Music album
- by Lokatorhttps://lokator-studio.bandcamp.com/track/living-planets-voice-in-space


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Не удается найти файл Графика/Автотили/inq Xp MI Деревянная крыша. и нет я не могу говорить или набирать русский извините


I loved this game. It was a perfect game that scratched the itch for Phantasy Star 4 and I look forward to a potential sequel where Emma + Crew explore Dezolis and finally see the other characters such as Chaz, Rune, Wren, Rika, Kyra, and Raja.


Great project, the team has updated more on the story if you get chance. Nice to revisit those characters with new creative content eh?


Were they already working on the sequel?

Just a continuation of this