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PHANTASY STAR EXTENDED v1.06 - Edit and repost with permission from creator to help with development


1. Controls:

<Enter> -> Action button
<Shift> -> Menu button
<Esc> -> Cancel button

2. Running:

You need the Java Runtime Envinronment (JRE) installed. 
Double-click on the .jar file, or run on the command line the following command:

java -jar Phantasy.jar

This is a remake of the original Phantasy Star game, launched on Sega Master System on 1986.

I've worked on this project on my own, but some resources, like VGM music and monster animations, were ripped by 
other people, and I give them proper credit on the in-game credits.

Please send me an e-mail for any feedback, suggestions or questions. 

---- Rafael, the Esper (rfpereira3 at gmail.com)

- Diagonal movement
- Better user interface and menus
- Individual item list
- Separate Quest item list
- Shows which enemies the player has already found
- Possibility to change party order
- Fly to any already visited city in the planet
- Battle shows all enemies on screen
- Battle multiple kind of enemies on screen
- Most monsters appear now on just one planet
- 16 new monsters + 3 monsters from PSIV
- Some monsters have fire resistance (e.g. red slime, red dragon, giant fly...)
- Whoever has the greater Mental power, inflicts more spell damage to their opponent
- New leveling system
- Abion shop closed initially
- Party gains information about traps after falling on it
- One button dungeon door opening
- One button vehicle/transport
- When on vehicle, weak enemies don't appear (e.g. sworms, wing eyes)
- Some new weapons (more is planned for the 'Plus edition')
- Pistols inflict more damage (Needle/Heat/Laser = 9/16/25 instead of 5/10/20).
- Odin/Tylon stronger than before
- Critical attack depending on player's Strength stat
- Concept of character Class (e.g., Alis is an Adventurer, Odin is a warrior)
- Alternative dungeon colors
- Multiple language support (English, English (old translation), Portuguese, etc)
- City entities new graphics (from PS4)
- Dezorian entities in Aukba (twin city)
- Landrover gets through lava, not Hovercraft
- Ice Digger gets some resistance when breaking ice
- Screen and scenes adjustments to 320x240 resolution (versus original 256x192)
- Removed the 'Search' menu option (replaced by command button).
- A new "secret" city, with a quest and a new labyrinth
- PS Arena mode. 
- Start as Odin/Tylon mode.

- Battle Macros
- Battle 'fast' mode
- Selecting target enemies when attacking
- "Create your party" option, with adapted storyline and option to begin with a 4-5 varied party
- "Start as Noah" storyline
- Quest changes (like Tajima teaching 'Open' spell)
- Equip menu with stat differences when equipping or buying new gear
- Monster descriptions
- Spell descriptions
- Item descriptions
- New items, spells, monsters and quests (Plus edition)
- Button swapping (keyboard and/or joystick)
- Talk option
- FM Music

PStar extended art by myself


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