A downloadable game for Windows

Outrun86 - Coast to Coast mod

Using the awesome cannonball engine with the layout level editor by Chris White. I plan to create new levels, music and sprite mod to allow the Asha+Wonderboy to drive coast to coast 80s sega style


  • 60 fps gameplay (smoother than the original game) - enabled
  • True widescreen mode (extend the play area by 25%)
  • High Resolution mode (improves sprite scaling) - E
  • New Camera Views
  • Time Trial Mode (Beat your time on a chosen level)
  • Continuous Mode (Play all 15 stages sequentially)
  • Western, Japanese & Prototype Track Support - E
  • Support for Custom Tracks from LayOut - 3 done
  • Customisable Music - 1 done
  • Toggle Fixed Audio ROM
  • High Score Saving
  • Analog and Digital Controllers Supported
  • Force Feedback / Haptic Support (Windows Only)
  • Automatic gear change
  • Cheats (No Traffic, Infinite Time)
  • Optional Attract Mode AI Improvements
  • More level objects - E

Install instructions

Run Layout and import levels jh1 or jh3 - Export and run.


outrun86-coast.rar 29 MB


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I am just in love with this! Thanks for this quality remake of Out Run

Just a few levels to go with the work by 

Reassembler Blog.


  • Chris White - Project creator.
  • Arun Horne - Cross platform work.


I've been asking for a sprite editor to provide new characters with the new levels .

I'm not sure how to run this mod. I can only import outrun levels not an JH1. There's also only a JH3

Run LayOut.exe - Then select track to import JH1 OR JH3, when loaded select export track and run. This is also the level editor to build new routes for the game. More information here.


Hope this helps


This is absolutely fantastic

I'm glad you enjoyed. Outrun was an arcade favorite and finding this engine rebuilt from scratch in C++ for windows with the upscaled effects a pleasure. Did you enjoy the two custom levels? I was planning more and a sprite hack to feature sega characters as driver/passenger


Yes, I enjoyed it very much, and I think that is an amazing idea. I work as a writer and semi-designer for many different projects, and if you ever need to make a fully original, arcade racer-inspired game, I would love to help in any way I can.

Are all your projects listed online to see? One of the most interesting arcade style-racer I've seen recently was Nitronic Rush which I wanted modding with new vehicles and levels if you were interested. Or potentially a VR Outrun 2020?


Sadly they are not, but I have worked on smaller titles such as Bomberman remake called Hide And Go Boom, and other arcade style games that will be released hopefully sometime mid 2019. I don't have much VR experience, but I could surely be the writer, overall these sound like fantastic ideas. If you have discord I would love to message you more on there.

Ideas are the material of games, I'm working on a VR trilogy atm if you were interested in taking a look.

I'm not on discord atm, worth joining?