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Monaco GP Remake (MGPr) v1.4.6

Installation and Running the Game

1. Extract the zip file.
2. Run the mgpr_launcher.exe, select a game configuration that best suits your display and click "Start". Alternatively, run the game from the command line where you can specify a particular configuration to run:

mgpr.exe [-cfg <config file name>]

Note - When you run 'mgpr.exe', if windows complains that can not find "mvcrt.dll" (or something similar) you will need to install the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable" run time package from Microsoft. For 32bit XP, Vista and Windows 7 the run time package can be downloaded here:

Note - If you are having trouble getting the game running, try executing mgpr.exe from the command line. It might be that you have a mistake in your configuration file.


While MGPr is running, it is possible to view the menu and change the configuration settings. You do not need to 'apply' the changes you make, as soon as you make a change it will take immediate effect and will be saved that way. 

Some of the configuration settings (I.e. Window/Fullscreen mode, screen resolution and Filter) will require you to restart MGPr before they take effect. 

I have created a number of example configuration files that will run the game in various screen modes, with the Bezel, LEDs and playfield correctly positioned. These can be found in the 'cfg' directory. Say, if you wanted to run the game using the 'pro_8bit_standard.cfg' configuration, you would specify "mgpr -cfg pro_8bit_standard.cfg" at the command line. Please note, all my example configurations are configured to run the game fullscreen, if you want windowed, you will have to use the on screen menu to change the 'Fullscreen' Display setting to "No", then restart MGPr.

New bezel artworks and LED artworks maybe placed into the 'bezel' and 'led' directories respectively ('BMP' file format only). Then when the game is running, use the menu options to manually place everything at the correct size and position.


ESC  - Exit game

5 or 6 - Insert coin 

1 - Skip game end/scoring sequence

Z - Steer left

X - Steer right

N - Accelerate

M - Gear shift toggle

TAB - Toggle Menu ON and OFF (Not available during actual gameplay, only available during the attract mode)

UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT ARROW Keys - When the Menu is ON, use the arrow keys to navigate around and change the configuration settings.

LEFTSHIFT and RIGHTSHIFT - When changing a menu setting using the left and right arrow keys, holding a shift key speeds up the rate at which the setting changes.

Rules & Tips

- When the police are on your tail, try to make them collide into cars that you overtake. That should slow them down a bit.

- The game ends when you run out of time, run out of lives or reach the finishing line.


Written by Ben Geeves

Many thanks to:
 - Zorg for his Artwork of the 1979 Monaco GP arcade bezel.
 - The Allegro 5 team for a great free game programming library
 - SEGA for bringing such an great 2D racer to the arcades


'Monaco GP Remake' is NOT a SEGA product. 'Monaco GP Remake' is a fan-made remake of SEGA's 'Monaco GP' (1979) arcade game. 'Monaco GP Remake' is available to those who legally own a copy of the original arcade game. Making money from 'Monaco GP Remake' in any way is strictly prohibited. The author of 'Monaco GP Remake' has observed due diligence in creating and testing the game, but cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by it.


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