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Ghostbusters retro remake - Music and control tweak (Joy to key)


Retro remakes 2006 competition

2017 - Tweak by returnlearn.com

A remake by Trevor (Smila) Storey and Scottige 
Music by Xentrix and the Evil Scotsman. (Music remix of real gbusters, gbusters1+2 for main game - RL)

Press space to start . 

Press + or - to alter the music volume
Press F12 to toggle samples on or off.

Options screen
Press 1. start game
Press 2. enter account number
Press 3. redefine keys
Press 4. difficulty
Press 5. quit


The easier the difficulty, the game is affected as follows:-

1.Slower ghosts on ghost catching screen.
2.Backpack power takes longer to go down.
3.Less traffic on the driving screen.
4.You start with more money when starting a new game.

On training mode, there are no cars, infinate traps and ghosts move in slow motion on the catching screens.
The ghosts do not move as far towards the edge of the screen in training mode.

Car selection screen

Use up and down to move then action to select your car.

Equipment select

Use up and down to move then action to select your item ,
or use the number keys 1-7 , press 8 to continue or the 
ghostbait key to reset your choices.

1. Pk detector  - tells you the current pk energy level.
2. Image intensifier - shows up building that may possibly
   be haunted as purple.
3. Marshmallow detector - allows to to see a marshmallow  
   attack and stop it happening.
4. Ghost trap - can hold 1 ghost.
5. Ghostbait - has 4 charges , attracts ghosts and stops
   the marshmallow man forming , saving the city damage.
6. Ghostvacuum - holding action in the driving part sucks
   up the ghost stoping them getting to zuul.
7. Portable containment system - can hold lots of ghosts.
8. Gontinue with game.

The city map

The ghq is located at the bottom of the screen , whenever 
a player has been slimed or you need to empty your ghost traps
this is where yo need to go.

Zuul is located in the centre , this is where spooks are 
building up there energy for the arrival pf zuul.
once the pk reaches 10,000 you are summoned there .
If you dont have more money than you started with when you reach 
zuul its game over.

When marshmallow man attacks quickly press your ghost bait key 
before he forms to stop his attack and you are awarded $2000.
If you dont you are fined $4000. 
But be warned , you only have 4 charges .

If a building flashes red its haunted , if it flashed purple it may
be haunted.

To goto a building simply go next to it , push in the direction of it
and press action.

Press esc to quit.

Driving game
Press forward /back to accelerate/decelerate and left and right to move.
Collect the cash for a bonus , if you have the vacuum hold action to
suck up any ghosts that pass by.

Ghost catching 

Position the ghost trap where you want it then press action .
Position the first ghostbuster where you want and press action.
Position the second ghostbuster where you want then press action 
to fire your proton pack  , you can move the players in to trap the
ghost, press action 1 more time to activate 
the ghost trap.
If your succesfull youve caught a ghost and you get paid , if not 
you get slimed.
If you cross the streams, your backpacks explode and your 2 men incapacitated.
Your aim is to make more money than you started with before you are 
summoned to zuul at 10,000 pk.

If you have made more money you will need to get past the gigantic
Marshmallow man , be carefull and run through his legs into the doorway
withought getting squished . 
Get 2 ghostbusters passed succesfully and you will be taken to the final battle 
with gozer.

Remember  - if somebody asks if your a god you say YES!

Good luck.

Special thanks to the musicians.
Xentrix can be found at http://www.xentrix.co.uk.
Also thanks to Darkside and Kryten for Beta Testing.



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